Discover the Best Candle Making Kits and Flower Delivery Services in Australia

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Wedding Flowers
  • Fresh, beautifully arranged flowers delivered straight to your door anywhere in Sydney.
  • Convenient online ordering for a wide range of floral arrangements suitable for any occasion.
Deluxe Candle Making Kit
  • ¬†High-quality candle making kits that include all the materials you need to create beautiful, aromatic candles.
  • Perfect for those new to candle making, these kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary supplies.

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Buyers Agency
  • Professional buyers agency services in Sydney to help you find and purchase your ideal property.
  • Expert agents providing personalized assistance and market insights to secure the best deals in Sydney’s real estate market.


"I recently purchased the beginner candle making kit and absolutely loved it! The instructions were easy to follow, and the quality of the materials was top-notch. I've already made several beautiful candles that I proudly display in my home. Highly recommend!"
Paula Robinson
"The Deluxe Candle Making Kit was a fantastic buy. It had everything I needed, and the scents were amazing. It was such a fun and rewarding experience to create my own candles. This kit is perfect for both newbies and seasoned candle makers."
Luis Carlos
"I bought the Eco-Friendly Candle Making Kit and couldn't be happier. The natural materials and sustainable approach really resonated with me. The candles turned out beautifully, and I love knowing they are environmentally friendly."
Alicia Stone
"The team at Buyers Agency Sydney made our property buying experience seamless and stress-free. Their knowledge and professionalism were outstanding, and we couldn't be happier with our new home."
Matthew Johnson
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