Euroclean Wet & Dry

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The Euroclean Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with Deep Cleaning+ technology that sucks up all the dirt and dust instantly from your home. Its unique wet pick-up sucks the wet spills from floors and leaves it spotless. So, don’t just clean your home, deep clean it.


  • Auto Cord Winder
    On Board Accessory Storage Facility.
  • Wheels for Easy Maneuverability
    Fine Dust Filter for Pure Air Range of Accessories to Suit Varied Cleaning Needs.

Technical Specifications:

Blower efficiency 30 lt/sec
Dimensions 415 x 415 x 440 in mm (L x B x H)
Dust Capacity 6 litre dry and 8 litre wet
Input Power (IEC) 1200 Watts
Net Weight 6.0 Kg
Suction of motor 2000mm/WC (19600 Pascals)**
Voltage 230V AC/ 50 Hz

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Dusting, sweeping and swabbing is part of our daily cleaning regime. Do I still need to invest in deep
cleaning technology?

While your home may look clean on the surface, there may be invisible dust mites hiding in your home. Dusting and sweeping only displace the dust and doesn’t get rid of the smaller particles. Further, a wet swabbed floor attracts particles which helps bacteria breed. What you need is a robust cleaning technology that tackles both the visible and invisible dirt and dust. And leaves your home truly clean.

While using vacuum cleaners, is there a chance to get electrocuted?

Euroclean is “doubly insulated” with a PVC jacket to ensure complete safety.

Do higher amps result in better cleaning?

Consumers are often tempted to choose a vacuum cleaner based on the highest amperage, watts or horsepower, but these measurements are not accurate indicators of efficiency. They are simply numbers that measure the electrical current used by the vacuums’ motor. What you should be looking for instead is the vacuum cleaners’ airflow, suction and water lift. They are better indicators of performance.

I already own a Euroclean vacuum cleaner, can it be upgraded?

We offer accessories which will help you extend the use of your Euroclean vacuum cleaner. However, the motor etc., cannot be replaced.

Can dusting the house result in allergy?

When you dust your home, you are only unsettling the dust. Did you know that your home is filled with millions of invisible dust mites? They are so tiny that 1 gram of dust would contain 19000 of these bugs which release a potent ‘allergen’ that can trigger asthma, eczema and rhinitis!

Do the dust mites affect the other members of the house too, who are not involved in cleaning and dusting?

Yes, this is possible. From your sofa to the bed you sleep on – there are dust mites hiding in corners of your home that you probably wouldn’t have even guessed. They are known to trigger allergies like asthma, rhinitis and eczema. To protect your family, you need to invest in a robust cleaning system. One that not only tackles the visible dust, but also the invisible dust mites.


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